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The Wife gave me the ok to get a new Rifle/scope. It will be a 270 WSM in either the Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker or the Kimber 8400 Montana. I have the A-Bolt in 308 and 300 wsm and they are both sub MOA rifles and I figure the 270WSM will be too but I really like the look and fit of the Kimber (and I don't have one) Will the Kimber live up to the Brownings?

The only Kimber on the shelf I can find has a poor barrel to stock fit as the barrel is tight to the right side of the wood stock and large gap on left side. How are the Kimber triggers? I also looked at the Tikas but they do not fit me at all and all of the Winchesters I have looked at lately just have a lot of machine marks as if they slap them together and forget the finishing work.
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