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Guns Are Great, Guns Are Good!

by Matthew Holmes

Each night on local newscasts all across the country, we hear this same old story. Well, maybe not quite like this.

Two men broke into the home of Gayle Martin—an elderly Kentucky man who lived alone—on Saturday. The men smashed Martin’s door open and entered the house shortly before 5:00 AM, intent on doing him harm.

Like every other violent news story, this one involves guns, a frantic 911 call, serious injuries, and hospitals. Unlike most others, it also has a moral and a happy ending.

It seems that 79-year old Gayle Martin had himself a 357 Magnum. Author’s note: For you liberals out there, that’s a handgun capable of killing any criminal, child molester, and most large safari animals.

Martin opened fire on the invaders and kept shooting until the wounded men left his home squealing in agony. Then, he called 911, and a search of the area by police resulted in the capture of the two bleeding criminals.

“They were in the house,” Martin explained. “They had just broke in. I didn’t let them get any farther.”

What’s important to note in this story is that Mr. Martin is not some right wing, pistol crazy Ted Nugent disciple (not that there’s anything wrong with that). He’s a quiet self-respecting eighty year-old man, who neighbors called “nice.”

Furthermore, Martin does not live in a community accustomed to crime of any kind. In fact, Martin’s neighbors were baffled by the break-in, calling it “uncommon.”

“I felt safe on this street until now,” one neighbor said. One thing is certain, if Gayle Martin’s neighbors learn from his example, crime in this neighborhood will become even more “uncommon.”

As for the failed burglars, one was listed in serious condition at a Cincinnati hospital. The other was listed in fair condition. Hopefully, they’ll recover well enough to be prosecuted and put in prison, at least long enough to have to explain to their cellmates how the two of them got their butts whipped by a senior citizen.

For all the blathering, spite, and animosity toward guns by liberal weenies in the Democratic Party, intelligent people realize that normal folks face threatening scenarios just like this all the time. Unfortunately, many states have such strict gun control laws that a man like Gayle Martin would be dead today if he lived in the wrong place. Thankfully, Mr. Martin has been around the block long enough to know that whatever strength age takes away, Mr. 357 Magnum can easily compensate for.

This, Dianne Feinstein, is why Americans own guns. And it is precisely why we will not let liberal, anti-gun hacks like Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Chuck Schumer take them away.

If every homeowner owned a gun and knew how to use it, there would be far more stories like Mr. Martin’s, where the innocent person lives to tell his tale. There would be far less crime, fewer families ruined by violent thugs, and a lot more dead and wounded criminals.

Grant County Sheriff Randy Middleton called Mr. Martin lucky. “He’s very lucky. They probably would have killed him.”

But if you ask me, the burglars were the lucky ones. Grandpa Martin could have been packing a 12-gauge.

Moral of the story: Nothing says, “Get out of my house!” quite like a couple barrels of buckshot.

*FW Note:

Was it Mr. Sam Colt who called guns "The Great Equalizer"?

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