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I've heard people attribute different personality traits to these dogs based on color. Choclates are lazy, yellows have better noses ect. Is there any truth at all in these claims?
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the one thing that people seem to forget in regards to any dog is that there is a dominance issue every litter of pups no matter what kind of breed,color, or gender is that in every litter there is a dominant pup the most dominant pup in a litter would be great canadidts for your field and hunting trial dogs and shouldn't be bought by someone that doesn't know anything about training simply bbecausetraining these dogs is a never ending process eespeciallyin labs kinda like give them an inch and they will take a mile every time and if they are not ccoerectedevery time you are gonna have problems in terms of oobedienceThe most easy way to test ddominancein a pup is to take each individual and gently lay them on there back and hold them there the one that fights the most to get up and get away is most ttypicalgonna be the dominant pup.those are the dogs that should be in a trainers hands and not someone that doesn't know allot about training.the ones that don't struggle allot to get up believe it or not are the ones that are gonna be most easy to handle and if all your looking for is a good companion and one that will hunt the more less dominant pups would be a better choice unless your a trainer in which case i am not telling you anything you don't already know the more dominant pups are sometimes the choice at hand every trainers opinion will varie.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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