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Lazurus coyotes

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Fellas, have you ever had adog raise from the dead. The other day nabbed my first coyote of the year. IT was a beautiful blonde she dog. Pulled out the revolver and she gave me a side view and I lined up with her ear. She dropped and gave that quiver. I quicky took her out of the set and carried her away from the set. Dropped her and went back to remake. Kneeled down, looked up, and she did too. Off she went like a bolt of lightening. I haven't figured it out yet. A red fox at the end of the line made me feel a little better. Figured she must be half cat.
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Had a goose return from the dead once. Tossed it along with a couple others in the bed of the truck and 3 miles down the road had one looking in at me. :shock: Still can't figure it out. :? he was a good goose, and slept the rest of the way home after a quick stop on the highway. :lol:
I always pin the head with my trowel or tapping stick after I figure they are dead and reach down and push on the ribs with my fingers and feel for a heart beat. Learned that after I caught a mink, smacked him and throw him about 10 feet back from the set to remake it. Happened to look back and he was just starting to get to his feet. Thank Gawd for the long handles trowels as I spun around and made a swinging dive at him before he got away. My aim was on and the trowel was just long enough to reach him as I hit the ice. I ended up sliding almost into him with my face with the way I landed on the ice. Had a foot to spare. If my aim would have been off that is much too close even for me.

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