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Learn to fish

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The club i belong to does a learn to fish program for the local grade 4 classes. We will get 25-35 students plus teachers and parents twice a week for 6/7 weeks ,April to june
In addition to that number we run the program for scouting groups, big brother big sister, and the general public.
We provide hot dogs and hot chocolate, coffee, and tea for all days at no cost. So far this month we have handed out over 1000 hotdogs.
When asked why we do it year after year we reply "for the smiles!"

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It is a great thing you do. My dad was not a fisherman; but a few of my friends have shared some of their knowledge and I have fished with them, but I have never become a real fisherman. However, I have found that many good fishermen won't share their knowledge. It is everyone's loss. So, I applaud your work.
The first guy who taught me to fish was in Alaska but from Florida. We caught many salmon and ate them. Another guy in Washington State showed me how to change technique from salmon to the local fish. Caught a few there too.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts