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I have just finished up my design for a leather chest holster. I feel these are the best way to carry a pistol for backup, hunting and backpacking.

Carries well with a backpack or a rifle on a sling

Can be adjusted easily to fit from your T-shirt to over a large hunting coat

I have had some real big guys testing my holsters and they love them..

My buddy Tony is a XXXL, 6ft and 310lbs

I made this one for a Redhawk 5 1/2. It has an optional flap retention cover.

My wife is 120lbs and carries hers on all our hikes... she really likes the way the grips aren't digging into her ribs and the holster doesn't interfere with her...girls

Right now I am making them for the S&W 29 and a few others

Cost... $160 shipped

Let me know if I can help you out

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