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I agree with cjensen about the Gould and the article that was written. I have a hard time being impressed by a 330 gr bullet coming out of a RIFLE at 1600 fps, seems it should be a bit higher. I have been playing with the Gould in my Marlin 1895 (22") and the loads I have used should be around 1750 fps. I have yet to chrony them and there appears to be almost no leading. Mine cast at 345 gr and I'm going to work up a load to around 1900 fps. I had been paper patching the Gould and pushing it at 2100 fps but the patching was more time consuming than I wanted. I may go back to this load for deer season, but shooting it into wet phonebooks showed that it blew up more than expanded at velocities that high. I want it to go through the deer, not blow it's shoulder off.
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