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This afternoon I rolled up my sleeves and cast the 20, 500 grain bullets. I decided to check on their consistency, so I weighed each bullet on my RCBS electronic scale, added them all up, and divided by 20, and came up with an average weight of 504.335 grains. Then, I wrote down the deviation from average for each of the 20 bullets, and that turned out to be just 1.4 grains... This was done BEFORE any lube was added, AFTER they were run through the sizing die, and also with the gas checks installed. FWIW, the gas checks weigh an average of 8 grains... I thought this to be a pretty good indication of consistency as far as my alloy mix and pour is concerned. I think 1.4 grains difference in 500 grain bullets is pretty dad gum good. How think ye?? IronKnees
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