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Left Handed

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Left Handed


I could be all wet here, but to the best of my knowing, I know of no left handed lever guns. You can swap around the safety, but they kick em out the starboard side.

I've taught a lot of people to shoot, all, as I am, were right handed. Only recently have I worked with a very beautiful young woman who is left handed. Man was I messed up! (Clean it up guys :wink: ) Try it sometimes. Got her hitting clays in the air, but I had a dickens of a time trying to wxplain all my right handed things to her while converting them to lefty terminology.

Seen levers that would shame a bolt gun, also seen the reverse. Some calibers are more prone to accuracy than others, some builders make em out of the box better'n others. Bad news is, you have to buy em to see how accurate they are :lol:

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levers for leftys'


I can relate. The left one is my "master-eye" so naturally it is more comfortable to shoulder, aim, and fire long guns from that side, though I am right handed. Likewise, I prefer long guns that are single shot or lever action (with a hammer).

I don't think that lefty's are at much of a disadvantage at all when it comes to selecting a firearm. Brownings BLR in what ever caliber/action (short or long) suits you would suffice, as well as Marlin or other manufacturer. When it comes to caliber selection, you have a variety of choices and enough bear hunters around to ask if you have further questions.

Good luck!
Re: Left Handed

leftyDan said:
I am left handed, and am looking for a deer hunting rifle I can also use on black-bear.
I would prefer an "ambidextrous" lever action to a left handed bolt, but I am wondering two things:
1. Am I giving up accuracy by going with a lever action?
2. Is there a lever action that does not eject to the right side, but would still be able to mount a scope?
Thanks for any thoughts,
I, too, am a southpaw and own a left-handed savage 110 bolt which I find "clumsy". My fist love is my Savage 99T lever in .300Sav. Just about the best deer cartridge, in my humble opinion....No, it discharges on the right but have no problem with shells in my face. The newer "model C" has the tang safety as opposed to the older lever safety, and are found in .308 or sometimes you can find a .300Sav. Unfortunaely, Savage doesn't make 99's any more. (Moment of silence please). As far as scope mounting, "C's"are D&T'd from the factory, and when you search them out in the on-line auctions or sport shops expect to pay around $400-600 for one in good condition. If you find one, shoulder it and find out why it's the best lever, ever!

Have you thought of????

I think Remington still makes pump action rifles in 30-06. It might be something to consder. There was a time when they were quite popular and as I understand they were/are plenty accurate. They do eject out the right side though, but can be scope mounted on top.
markc :)
Been there!

Same problem, left master eye, right handed. My main gun is a Remington 7600 35 Whelen that I have had for about 20 years. It points naturally, can be had in a variety of calibers, enough to satisify most hunting situations, is fairly accurate and a is pleasure to carry. You can once in a while find a Whelen for sale, .280 Rems are fairly cheap, saw a 760 .358 Win for sale on the net. Gander Mountain will rebarrel a 760 to .35 Whelen and other calibers.

I think that the 7600 is the way to go. I just haven't found anything else that works.
Left Handed

I taught my youngest son to shoot left handed as he was "left eyed". He also tends to be left handed in most things. Anyway he grew up shooting right handed bolt actions and now he prefers them to left handed bolt actions. At least with short and medium length actions. He says it is easier to stay on target while working the action.

He has just ordered a Savage 116 Weather Warrior in 300 Rem Ultra Mag in a left hand action. They are the same price as the righthand actions.
His method of bolting the right hand actions, left handed, does not work with the long actions.

My Dad is also a southpaw and he likes the Model99 Savages.

Left Handed

I am left-handed and have left and right handed bolts and some lever guns. I prefer left hand bolts to right hand, although I can work a right hand bolt very fast if the need arises. As far as levers go, I have a scope on my Winchester 94 356 and have had on my Marlin 1895 45-70. The right side ejection has never been a problem for me. I never even notice the empty being kicked out. Most levers are more than accurate enough for clean shots on big game. Some are real tack drivers. Good luck. Mart
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