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That last windy diatribe of mine was soooooooooooo good it needs it's own topic. :-D :-D

Fer pete's sake yer not preaching.
In a sense we are ALL spreading the Word of God, the Truth and the Light as we see it.
Inspite of Brett's nasty remarks to me!
Some fail that understand that in the course of human interactions CONFLICT IS INEVITABLE. THAT IS REAL LIFE!!!!!
As real as it gets.
I guess some Christians only read the nice, comforting, parts of the Bible and forget the lessons of the HUMAN CONDITION, the examples of HUMAN FRAILTIES set by the real examples of FAILURE OF THE APOSTLES.
Here are men that spoke, walked, ate, slept, suffered, with Jesus in the flesh and yet they fought over who was 'greatest' (ego, Brett), denied knowing him( human fear of punishment and death), doubted he had returned from the dead( no faith), Paul MURDERED followers of the Jesus movement yet was converted(forgivness in it's highest form).
Have a few of you no conception of what the Bible REALLY teaches?
It teaches NOT about Lutheren vs, Catholic, Trinitarian vs Non trinitarian, Dante's Inferno pictures of HellFire.
It teaches about the human condition, it teaches conflict is inevitable but all conflict IS TO BE RESOLVED through LOVE FOR ONE ANTOHER.
It preaches against sniping, back biting, name calling and ALL the other nasty things "we Christians" have done to each other on this forum.
There are some new people here that ARE a breath of fresh air and I don't want them run off by fundo's with a touch of power who want to kill free, polite, expressions of faith that are different from the views of others.
You new guys know who you are.
I learn from ALL of you.
Consider this: Is it so important what a denomination THINKS the Bible means? Or is the crux of the messages to US HUMANS not so much the differences we dig out of the scirptures, not even what the Bible means, but:
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