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I got this from a friend it was published in his local paper.

Thought that it was worth sharing...

To The Editor: I’m a hunter, a trapper and a fisherman and I’m proud of who I am. I’m the guy who helps provide open space for wildlife and welcomes all to enjoy the lands my dollars purchase. I’m the guy who opposes greed-driven developers from destroying critical wildlife habitat, so it remains intact for future generations. I’m the guy who volunteers to attend training in order that I can teach new hunters the proper and safe methods of handling a firearm. I’m the guy who knows how to knock on a door to ask permission to enter private land. I’m the guy who covers myself with a million dollars worth of liability insurance to protect the landowner who would allow me on his land. I’m the guy who values his hunting, trapping and fishing privileges and upholds and obeys the law. I’m the guy who would give your car a jump, or change your flat tire or even drive to get you gas for your empty tank when I come across you stranded in the woods, despite your feelings of contempt for me. I’m the guy who will help you find your way when you are lost. I’m the guy who will help you carry your canoe or kayak over a portage you’re struggling with. I’m the guy who has pulled your near-drowned body from the water, kept you alive with CPR and called for an ambulance to save your life in spite of your efforts to eliminate my right to own a firearm and put an end to my hunting privileges. I’m the guy who has been there when your pet dog got too close to a porcupine and took the time to pull a few quills from his face and fixed him up with some EMT gel. I’m also the guy who will eagerly turn my fishing rod with a trout bouncing all over the brook to your wide-eyed young child so that he or she can experience the thrill of catching a fish, then proudly show it to his onlookers, mom and dad. I’m the guy whose truck bed contains empty bottles and cans and other trash not that I left in the woods, but that I have taken the time to pick up and remove it from the woods. I’m the guy who will stop on the highway to move a turtle or snake out of traffic to protect it from a motor-ist that deliberately tries to run it over. I have never have nor willingly intend to disrupt anyone’s legal ac-tivities in their outdoors enjoyment nor will you ever see me in a public forum exhibit a tantrum or loud outrageous behavior that would embarrass myself or my hunting, trapping or fishing colleagues in an effort to disrupt your activities as you have attempted to do to mine. I am an American deep rooted in tradition; my rights to firearm ownership and the pursuit of happiness exercised within the parameters of the law are guaranteed me under the constitution. I don’t attack you with malice, and desire to be non confrontational, choosing instead to put my energy into my outdoor pursuits. I have a deep appreciation for nature and the fish and wildlife that I pursue. I am responsible, willing to pass on tradition, rational and conscientious. Moreover I am a conservationist; I am a hunter; I am a trapper; I am a fisherman; I am an outdoorsman, and I’m proud of who I am. JOE MATTER Gloucester City

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