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Little Chief/Big Chief Meat Smoker?

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Little Chief/Big Chief Meat Smoker?

Hi Gene. I have no specific experience with either of those but if they are the ones I'm thinking about they are pretty well thought of. They are the square shiny metal ones with electric heat you use wood chips or saw dust in aren't they?

On a similar line but using charcoal is the Brinkman Gourmet (sp) Smoker. Absolutely top of the line. Never owned a better one. It has a water pan for wet smoking and actually burns the charcoal properly over an extended time. I've now gone to a much larger Brinkman with a separate fire box for burning wood but I still think the Gourmet is the best I've ever used and very well may go back to it. I need a new one as my old one finally rusted out on me.

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I bought a combination smoker and grill from Binkmans this year. Could not beat the price at Fred Myers.

When my son came up to AK this year we ran it 24 hours a day for 9 days smoking salmon. It worked great and we probably smoked 75-90 pounds of meat.

The Little Cheif and Big Chief are very popular up here in AK as a lot of salmon are smoked each fall. Some people have 2-3 on the porch. As soon as I can find one I am going to convert and old frig. to a smoker for larger batches of salmon.

Can't wait to try bear and deer!
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