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I worked out a trade with Lloyd for some linotype for his cast bullets about a month ago and I finally got around to shooting some of his bullets this weekend out of my new .454 Casull barrel on my Encore. I can't believe how bad they were! I used 11 gr. of Unique behind his 265 gr. PB Keith and they only grouped 1/2" at 50 yds. with 5 shots! If I brought them into 25 yds. it was only 3/8", and at 75 it only shot about 3/4"! I can't believe how poor the accuracy was on these bullets! :)
j/k Lloyd, I figured I'd try to get a rise out of you this morning. Your bullets worked great, very accurate as you can tell, I'll post some target pics from my next shooting session. Very little leading and I think it was from faster H110 loads I used at the very end. Thanks for some great bullets, I hope all the weights shoot just as well, and I wish I had some more of those 265's, that load was accurate as heck and a real pussycat.
I'm trying out the Lee 250gr. Keith's on Friday when I go out, I hope the accuracy is good on those bullets too.
Selmer :)
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