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Loading .45-70 with BP

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I intend to try a few loads using Hodgdon's new Triple Seven powder (I did a product review article in the Nov./Dec. issue of my magazine) in my .45-70, however, I do not intend to do enough of this to warrant the purchase of the drop tube, etc. I will probably use a Lee dipper to "weigh" the charges (after I determine volume equaliv.) onto my scale, and then drop the charge into the case. My question is, without a drop tube, is there anything I need to know or to do in lew of the drop tube in order to settle the powder correctly...???
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Ironknees, I personally use a drop tube so don't have direct experience in other techniques, but others have reported good success by filling the case with 1/2 the powder and tapping the side of the case, then pouring in the rest of the powder in and tapping the case some more. Another approach I've heard of is using a vibrating tumbler/case cleaner as the soruce of vibration to settle the powder. And finally I've heard of one person using an electric shaver as the vibration source.

From what I've read the drop tube is reported to be the most consistant assuming one maintains the same pour-rate of powder into the funnel.

By the way, from what I can tell the only real reason to use a drop tube or other vibration techniques is to get more powder into the case.

I'll be interested to see responses to your question from others.
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