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Loading .45-70 with BP

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I intend to try a few loads using Hodgdon's new Triple Seven powder (I did a product review article in the Nov./Dec. issue of my magazine) in my .45-70, however, I do not intend to do enough of this to warrant the purchase of the drop tube, etc. I will probably use a Lee dipper to "weigh" the charges (after I determine volume equaliv.) onto my scale, and then drop the charge into the case. My question is, without a drop tube, is there anything I need to know or to do in lew of the drop tube in order to settle the powder correctly...???
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Use a brass or steel rod about 4/6 inch long resting on top of the powder when taping or vibrating compact the powder. Or a shorter lead weight. It keeps the powder from danceing all over the floor or if you prefer lap danceing.
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