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I haven’t had much luck finding that much loading data for the 450 Marlin. I have a 450 for my Encore with a 15” barrel and a 12” 45/70 on the way. Is the 450 Marlin for the Encore really any different then the 45/70? I understand the concept of the two different cartages, 450 designed so it will not load into a 45/70 trap door or other weaker rifle. I would assume that I should be able to use any 45/70 loading data and be fine. But when talking specifically about the Encore is there any real difference. I didn’t know if the cases were any heavier/stronger for the 450 then the 45/70 or if the Encore barrels were made any different to allow for different loading.

Also where is the best place to get loading data for these two cartages specifically for the Encore? Most of the data I have is either for a rifle or the Contender.
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