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Loading and selling ammunition

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:grin: I am trying to find out what form I need to fill out a licence to
load and sale. I called the ATF and they sent me a paper for fire arms,
they didn't know what I was talking about any help in this would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you Dave
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I've not been an FFL dealer in a LOT of years but back then the form was the same. Had a place on it for you to check the kind or class of FFL you want. You do have to have an FFL to legally make and sell ammo. A HUGE insurance policy also.

You do not need an FFL to sell ammunition, however, you do need a license to manufacture ammunition, and you must also comply with the federal excise tax (and local sales tax) payments.

If you manufacture for sale, you place of business must be zoned for manufacturing.

It also helps to carry a very large liability insurance policy.
selling and reoading

Dave B.

Go visit Christensen Reloading at 9096 south 260 east in Sandy. Go play dumb and pick their brains. Some where in the conversation ask about the insurance, availability of supplies and what the market is like. Buy a few small things and ask alot of questions. LOL
:D SOUTHERN UTAH...I likes the way you thinks...king
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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