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I had placed a bid on a Freedom Arms a few days earlier and was confirming when the bid was about to end so I could bump up my bid, when I noticed the high bidder was an NR (no rating) account. When I had a closer look at the NR account, I saw that it had been created back in 2017. I then checked the seller's (lonetreeshootingsupply) other items and low and behold, the very same shill account had bid on another item he was selling, a Glock, and the bid was placed almost the exact same time as the bid on the Freedom Arms.

Ok, so a two year old account, which had never been used to purchase or sell anything on gunbroker, just happened to place bids on two for sale items of the same seller at the same time, days before the end date of either item. Coincidents do happen, but this was just waaaaay to big to be legit. Especially given one item being a Freedom Arms revolver and the other a Glock.

I contacted the seller and told him I am still interested in bidding, but he needed to back out the shill account otherwise I would not bid. I let him know that I saw the shill account's bid on another one of his items, and that gave it away. Never the less, if he fixed it I would bid. No harm, no foul.

The gentleman, Tyler Sletten gets back to me. He does not deny the shill account is his, rather he responds with a rather bizarre message( possibly purposely so) trying to allude that there is no shill bidding taking place. This is his response :

"Let me get this straight: One user bids on two separate penny auctions and that determines that it's a proxy bid; and the proof is that it's a new account.

Do not bid on any of our auctions."

I'm not quite sure what his response is supposed to mean, but I suspect he feels by acting dumb it would solve the issue? If it really was not his account, he could have said so. This type of response is another red flag as it indicates deception. If it had been me and it had it been a coincidence, I would have said that I honestly didn't know the account and asked the prospective bidder to bid on my item.

I reported him to GunBroker and to the BBB. His name is Tyler Stetton, and his company is Lone Tree Shooting Supply aka Lone Tree Outfitters of Mayville, North Dakota. Beware, if you bid on his items as he uses shill account to elevate prices.
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