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Looking the part is half the fun for me, and I've done most of it on a shoestring budget. Goodwill is a good starting place as is wally world. A pair of Dickies, add suspender buttons, some remove the belt loops, and ya got yerself a cowboy briches

Sometime after you've decided that you just don't like that shirt, this vest and have outgrown those pants clean'em up and take'em to your next shoot put a good price on'em lay'em out on the tailgate, and add one more aspect to the joy's of CAS.

Walt, why doncha bag up some bullets and offer them for sale, it don't have to be a profit makin thing, though there ain't nothin wrong with that, but it sure would be a convenience for some of us that have to travel for or mailorder cast bullets!!

Gotta gun you just don't like or don't match what ya got, take it with ya too!

Butler Ford
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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