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I have 118 vhs movies i am looking to trade for 10/22 parts all or in part.

Gone in 60 seconds, Crimson Tide, u-571, navy seals, the longest day, conan the barbarian, conan the destroyer, red sonja, the dark crystal, legend, terminator, terminator 2, rumble in the bronx, jackie chan fights and stunts, jackie chan rumble pack, the long riders, young guns, fish hawk, trinity trilogy, white fang 3 movie set, gallipoli, sniper, excalibur, starship troopers, the fugitive, x-men, the mummy, jfk, christmas vacation, the burbs, clue, liar liar, stuck on you, groundhog day, big daddy, trapped in paradise, throw momma from the train, stripes, joe vs. the volcano, a league of their own, benny and joon, top gun, the big red one, paris trout, dressed to kill, congo, galaxy quest, pitch black, cliffhanger, true lies, black moon rising, alive, zooman, apollo 13, twister, fargo, ransom, the sixth sense, backdraft, the devils own, patriot games, the choir boys, independence day, the corruptor, mississippi burning, con air, outbreak, 8 seconds, pure country, the survivors, face off, speed, lethal weapon 1, lethal weapon 2, lethal weapon 3, lethal weapon 4, payback, us marshalls, the matrix, the scorpion king, jurassic park, armegeddon, black dog, lost in space, labrynth, red dawn, highlander, highlander 2, die hard, die hard 2, desperado, arachnophobia, embrace the vampire, dawn of the dead, the langoliers, dr giggles, dracula, the thing, the abyss, evil dead, evil dead 2, freakshow, the frighteners, salems lot, wolf, losing isaiah, article 99, menace 2 society, trespass, the saint, mission impossible, triple x, 2 fast 2 furious, varsity blues, the program, boys n the hood, new jack city, days of thunder, men in black, men in black 2, hard target, out for justice, above the law, hard to kill, predator, predator 2, gardens of stone, memphis belle.

all movies are in viewable condition. None have ever been damage, most have only been watched a couple times. All have dust covers except for the first two in the list. Several of these listed are 2 and 3 movie sets.

I am looking for a 20 or 22 inch .920 bull barrell, new or used....a 10/22 complete reciever, bolt, trigger group.....thumbhole stock, or any combination of the above. Send me some offers, ill pay shipping to you and you pay shipping to me.

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