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A man gets stranded on a deserted tropical island.
One day he notices something bobbing in the water.
As it gets closer, he realizes that it is a beautiful blond swimming his way.
As she steps up out of the water wearing a skin tight wet suite, she walks toward the surprised man.
She looks at the man and asks, " Would you like something to smoke? "
The man replies, with wide eyes and a smile, " I sure would. "
The woman unzips the wet suite a little, and takes out a cigar and a lighter, and hands them to the man.
She then asks, " Would you like a drink? "
And the man responds, " Oh would I ever. "
The woman unzips the wet suite about half way, and pulls out a pint of rum and hands it to the man. "
The man nearly falls all over himself to get a drink, saying I have been here a really long time. This is great. "
The woman unzips the wet suite all the way and asks, " Well, in that case, would you like to play around? "
The man looks at her with wide eyes and says, " Oh my God, you mean you have a set of golf clubs in there?! "
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