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What a buncha crap. What an incredible bunch of hypocritical Republicans to call for his resignation. Lord, what cowards these are.

Who the hay made the first complaint about his comments? Not a white politician. Wasn't it one of those political black racists we have to suffer. They were the first ones to hear racism in those comments. Couldn't possibly consider it something said simply to entertain an old man - who was having a bad hair day - it had to be racist.

Here's my take on this: the only people who heard racism in those comments are the racists themselves, and they weren't white. Who the hay ever said that a black man can't be racist. They were the only ones who put 'racism' to Lott's comments. Then, of course, the cowards followed suit and stood behind the racists.

Lott should have stayed, period. It's a shame he chose to step down. Schmidt, even klinton called the GOPs actions hypocritical and he should know. Why should Lott step down when someone like klinton lied aobut everything he did and then kept on lying about it.

Man, I am getting dang tired of having this country run by a few loudmouthed liberals, racists and cowards. Where do they think this is, England?

Miffed off Mikey.
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