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Lyman 358009?

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Anyone know where to find a Lyman #358009? It's in my Lyman reloading manual and I'm thinking about getting a 35 Whelen but I can't find the mould in the Lyman catalog anymore. It casts a 280 gr. GC bullet.
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Look on the Auction sites and at gun shows and gun shops. They are hard to find. Not a lot of them made. When you do find one they can be pretty spendy.
Try David Mos. We had him custom cut moulds for us last year - 358009 Improved. Has a small flat on the nose and .360 diameter. Great boolit in the 35 Whelen over 40 gr IMR 4895 for about 1900 fps. These are very superb, high quality moulds.
here's a pic of the boolit:

I put a Shilen 14-twist on a Rem 700 action - love it! sundog
Thanks for the info. I figured they'd be hard to find.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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