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Lyman Super Moly

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I was wondering if anyone has any extensive experience with this lube? I just bought 3 tubes, but my concern is of the "moly buildup" nightmare that is often encountered with jacketed moly bullets. I am planning on loading to 2000 fps. in my '06. I do not want to permanantly coat my bore with moly, because I will be shooting jacketed bullets also, and I dont want to go through a rediculous cleaning regimen before I can! Is it any more difficult to clean than regular Alox/beeswax lubes? I understand the "moly craze" has come and gone in the benchrest world for many reasons..what do you all think? Am I over reacting?? Thanks! -Flap
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i used it in pistols only. wipes right out just like regular lube.
I have been using it for a couple of years for my cast bullet loads in pistols and rifles. No problems with it. Like hubbard says, it wipes right out. I think you will like the Lyman Super Moly lube.
My plinker loads are lubbed with Liquid Alox, my business loads with Lyman Moly. I get over 1500 f/s with a Lee 255 RNFP (45 Colt) with no signs of leading after 30 rounds in my Trapper. Wipes right out.
Thanks for putting my mind at ease guys, I've been checking around on other boards, and this stuff does have an awesome rep.. looks like I was getting worked up for nothing. thanks again!
that stuff ant no good, you should send me all the tubes you got so you don't have to worry about getting it in your sizer :-D
I only use lee lquid alox and the lymon super molly never had any troubles.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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