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M1 Garand

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I was in a local gun store today (picking up my T/C Encore 209X50) and I noticed a Garand on the used gun rack. I picked it up and immediately realized the receiver was not USGI. I just about fell over when I saw the $525.00 price tag. If they are getting that for M1 parts cobbled onto an aftermarket receiver, then I am curious as to what a CMP M1 (I have my grandfathers and mine) would be worth? Anyone know what a Sprinfield Armory receivered CMP M1 is going for these days?
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I guess value is more driven as to what someone is willing to give for one than anything. I've been wanting a CMP one for a while, I just can't find a local gun club to meet the final requirement for myself. I was at a gun show recently and you couldn't touch a stock Garand for less than $600.00 and that was an arsenal rebuild. I had my Winchester 30 carbine with me and had three offers before I got it in the door. One dealer told me that there is an all time demand for service rifles on account of the movies, TV shows and historical reenactment groups going on right now. By the way I didn't part with my M1 carbine. One guy offered me $750.00 for it and almost became beligerent when I wouldn't sell. All I wanted was to find a replacement sling and oiler and some other knick-knacks for it.
The best part was when an elderly man asked what I had in the case, I found a repro. rifle case for it bought it and put it in there so it would draw less attention. I pulled the gun out and handed it to him. There was something different about him as he talked to me about the rifle. I don't know but it was strange to be in his presence as he held the rifle and spoke. This man had actually carried this model rifle in combat, put his life in danger and felt he had come home because of it. There was more learned and felt in that brief 10 minute talk than any college lecture or documentary had ever provided...

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