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M1 Garand

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I was in a local gun store today (picking up my T/C Encore 209X50) and I noticed a Garand on the used gun rack. I picked it up and immediately realized the receiver was not USGI. I just about fell over when I saw the $525.00 price tag. If they are getting that for M1 parts cobbled onto an aftermarket receiver, then I am curious as to what a CMP M1 (I have my grandfathers and mine) would be worth? Anyone know what a Sprinfield Armory receivered CMP M1 is going for these days?
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I have got into a bit of an argument on an M1 forum in the past for saying this, but here goes. I have a CMP M1, my brother is lifetime qualified by being retired military, and having met all the requirements, they are easy to get. I only have one, not wanting to "hog" them, or anything else. Now here is a problem as I see it, look on E-bay for M1 parts, a number of the guys on some other forums buy M1 parts from CMP, at really really reasonable prices, and turn around, and resell at incredible prices. Yes, I know, supply, and demand, but here is sort of the catch, they inflate the prices by this post, or that post on some forum, and then are able to sell at a great price. Kind of sad, but just the way things are...
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