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Hey there:

This is only forum I could find that looked like it is the right place for this question. Since it's gunsmithing, and I know many of you probably are skilled in machine work. I need a "bushing" that is fine threaded, the outside I think is 1 1/4" and the inside is standard die threads. I am in dire need of this for my Lyman All American Turret Press.

This big "bushing" is needed when you don't have the Shotshell dies in use, and needing to use 3 regular dies, plus the Lyman Powder measure. If anyone could help me out, please let me know, including the cost of what this would be. I am getting desperate, and thanks again to all.

Hope I posted this to the right place, I looked, and it seemed like this is the correct place, or maybe reloading, too.

Thanks in advance,


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Well I'm sure it could be made up the easiest way to get one would be to contact Lyman. I've included a lick to their website.. Don't know what the exterior threads are but normal die bodies are threaded 7/8x14. Good luck!
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