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Anybody got an extra Mag-spark?
I was just getting my T/C Hawken ready for my first hunt of the year, and it looks like I waited too long!
If you are familiar with the Mag-spark, it converts the #11 cap to a 209 primer. But, apparently, the two-part "holder" has somehow fused together and I can't unscrew the top portion!
I can't use it!
I've been trying to get them unscrewed, and it just won't happen. Probably should have left it unscrewed over the year.
The Warren Custom Outdoors that supplies them has the 1/4 - 28 thread Mag-sparks back ordered, so none are available.
I was hoping someone here might have an EXTRA one that they have never installed that I might buy or replace when they get off back order?!!?
My first opportunity to muzzle hunt is the first Thursday after Thanksgiving, so there's a little time left.
I would really appreciate it if someone could help.
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