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Magnum barrels

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Are there any barrels offered at all in magnum calibers. Like a .300 or .338Lapua Magnum?
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Nope, what's on the acc barrel list is all there is....35 whelen and 444 Marlin have been produced in the past, but no longer....
blah that really stinks...hmmm Vanguards are nice rifles.
Yes...they are...

They are nice...but...I've had more fun with my Handi's than I've ever had with it...

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well no doubt there. They garruntee 11/2"@100yrds, nothing more to do to them. Handis you just play wiht till you get [email protected] :grin:
Vanguards are the cheapest bolt gun i've found on .300Win mag. the only singleshots are TC and Ruger (big$$$ there)
The new Stevens Model 200 is offered in 300 Win. And sell for $250-300.
I'll have you guys know, I have a 30-06 Handi that I took right out of the box and started shooting. There has been no tinkering with this gun. The only things I have done was install a scope, and an O-ring in the forearm. I've worked up three loads and use them exclusively in this rifle. I use Speer 125gr TNT for varmits, Sierria 165gr boat-tail for Wolves, sheep, and Caribou, and Nosler 180gr partition for Moose and Bears.
This gun takes a beating from being carried on the handlebars of my motorcycle (I do dump the bike occasionally), handlebars of my fourwheeler, lying on the dash of my track rig, in a gun case bolted to the luggage rack on the back of my snow machine, or strapped to the windshield of my dune buggy. It's gone through two scopes, the third one a Shepard seems to be lasting OK. I used this gun to shoot a Caribou last year at 200 yards, and a Cow Moose at 250 yards. I also carry it to shoot wolves. It's taken three Black Bear, and one day I'm sure it will be called on to shoot a Grizzly. I can drop a wolf standing out to 600 yards, running out to 500 yards.
I usually shoot three to four boxes of ammo through this gun a month. And I break down and clean it every other month or so.

Not bad for a gun right out of the box.
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They are rugged little rifles aren't they. 30-06 is an awesome caliber. Thats a great list ya have there and some very nice shooting.
But I think lostsniper308 was looking for a 300WinMag. It would be cool if in the future the made the reciever out of stronger materials to withstand a 300Mag of 7mmMag. But it sounds like a far-sighted dream, and one that we will shoot at with our 30-06's and 308's :grin:
lol a .300 just really intruiges me, other than that no real reason other than a long range rifle with knock down in more ways than one :)
I know very little about this kind of thing but is it possible to ream out a smaller cartridge for a magnum? I would have thought that a good gun smith could knock it out pretty quick and so long as the bullet size was correct for the magnum cartridge you chose then it must be do-able.

Thoughts and comments plse.
Not to hijack a magnum thread.....

There was a time I was a died in the wool 30-06er. Anything else was less...even the 30 cal magnums. Were I in the financial shape I was 15 years ago, and an elk, moose or bear hunt was a real possibility, I'd still reach for a 30-06. I don't think it is ballistically superior to the 30 magnums, I just don't think one needs a 30 magnum to do what a 30-06 will do. I remember when the 300 Winchester was an elk rifle, it was actually rare to see one in the field.

These days I have gun shop conversations at least once every six months with folks who carry 300 Win Mags for woods hunting whitetails, who have the gall to complain about the recoil.....well hit me in the head with a sledgehammer :eek: . Ask 'em why they carry so much gun and you get..... "Well I don't want to miss a chance at a long shot." Ask 'em what a long shot is...... "250-300 yards" at which point I ask myself "Why are we having this conversation????"
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