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I loved this line:

Residents weren't panicked by the police presence.
"We're pretty well armed around here," said James Knealand, who works at Lincoln Pulp & Paper and lives near a police checkpoint in Lee.
There are very few houses in Northern Maine that don't have a gun in it.

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Once again, I was thrown off by the OP Title. I came looking for a fight against unjust LEO retribution toward a Child Molester's executioner (the shooter), something that goes hand in hand with Criminal Rights and none for the Victim's or their ilk. But it turned out OK.

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Maine sex offender caught after shooting rampage left 2 dead and 3 wounded
Published July 17,

Maine State Police released these photos of Anthony Lord, sex offender wanted in multiple shooting.
Police said Friday they arrested a sex fiend in connection with a shooting rampage that left two people dead and three others wounded in three northern Maine towns.

Maine State Police said they apprehended Anthony Lord, 35, a registered sex offender, after a massive manhunt that left one town on lockdown for several hours Friday morning.

Lord was taken into custody in Houlton at the home of a family member, authorities said. A woman who was with him was not injured.

Lt. Sean Hashey identified the woman as Brittany Irish, 21, but declined to say how she knew Lord.

Her parents were two of the five shooting victims, Hashey said. He said Lord killed the woman’s father and wounded her mother.

It was unclear what triggered Lord’s rampage.

“The motive is still being looked at,” Hashey said.

Police had been looking for Lord in a pulp truck he stole from a lumber business after shooting two employees. One of those employees was killed, Hashey said.

The shooting victims were shot overnight in the towns of Lee, Benedicta, and Silver Ridge.

Dozens of cops converged on Lee, a small town of 900 residents about 60 miles northeast of Bangor, to look for Lord.

The Portland Press Herald said Lee, located in Penobscot County, was locked down during the search with police setting up roadblocks to keep vehicle from entering or leaving the town. The roads reopened several hours later.

Residents weren't panicked by the police presence.

"We're pretty well armed around here," said James Knealand, who works at Lincoln Pulp & Paper and lives near a police checkpoint in Lee.

Hashey said the rampage began around 8:30 p.m. Thursday when Lord apparently set fire to the barn on the Irish property in Benedicta.

From there he drove to Silver Ridge and burglarized a home after tying up and assaulting the male homeowner. Hashey said Lord stole guns and a pickup truck from the residence.

Ten minutes later he drove to his brother’s house and shot out the windows.

Then he drove back to Benedicta to the Irish family home. As he fled with Brittany Irish he shot and wounded a man in a pick-up truck in the driveway, Hashey said.

The police official said that during the manhunt, Lord fired at a police officer during a high speed chase and managed to get away.

Thirty minutes later, around 6:30 a.m. Friday he showed up at the lumber business in Lee.

The lieutenant said the pulp truck has not been found. He said the vehicle, a 2010 maroon Peterbilt, has green lettering on the side saying “McCarthy” and a commercial license plate.

Hashy said Lord has been charged with two counts of murder. Other charges are pending.

Lord was described by police as about 5-foot-9, 260 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Lord has a criminal record that includes convictions for domestic assault, criminal threatening and assault. He's also on the state's sex-offender registry after being convicted of unlawful sexual contact with someone under the age of 14.

The Maine Sex Offender Registry's website lists Lord as a lifetime registrant.

State police also are investigating the death of his 6-month-old son, who was discovered unresponsive by his mother in Millinocket in May, Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, said.

Hashey would not say if Lord was a suspect in his child’s death.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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