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Black bear hunters nabbed in sting
PRINCE OF WALES: Authorities were tipped to the case by an e-mail ad.

The Associated Press

Published: Anchorage Daily News May 31st, 2005
Last Modified: May 31st, 2005 at 11:00 AM

Four men have been charged in an illegal black bear hunt on Prince of Wales Island after an undercover investigation by Alaska and Idaho authorities posing as hunters, Alaska State Troopers said Monday.

The men were arrested in the Southeast town of Ketchikan as they got off a ferry bringing them back from the seven-day hunt.

"I think they were pretty surprised," said Sgt. Burke Waldron in the troopers' wildlife investigations unit.

The men face numerous misdemeanor criminal charges, including operating without a state guiding license, leaving carcasses to rot and taking more than the legal limit.

Authorities were tipped to the case in an e-mail that Gary Sanders of Goodyear, Ariz., was advertising his guiding services on the Internet, offering hunts for black bear in Alaska and deer in Idaho even though he's not licensed to do so in either state, Waldron said. Sanders, 40, was convicted last year for unlicensed guiding in Idaho, Alaska authorities said.

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Yes for sure.

I have seen 5-6 state police reports this year of unlicensed guides. The number of unlawfull acts by guides has to be approching 10 or so. Wish I could find the worse one but it goes something like this.

No license
Lying on application form.
Shooting a brown while guiding and as a non-resident.
Shooting three black bears as a non-resident.

You get the drift....
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