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many questions, new at casting and reloadin

Sounds like a good start to me.

You might want to drop some candle wax on all the crud amd stir before you skim. That'll put some of the good stuff back into the alloy rather than getting skimmed off.

Straight WW oughta work fine for what you are doing. I like to add one part of linotype to about six parts WW, but that may be just me. Lino goes in after the WW is cleaned up and I flux and stir again.

Can't help you with the temp. Never owned a lead thermometer. I go by the time it takes the wax to burst into flames. If it doesn't do it, the alloy is too cold. If it is faster than 5 or 6 seconds the alloy is too hot.

I judge fillout by the sharp edges. Any rounding of the edge of the base and back into the pot it goes. Generally this also means the bullets are lightly frosted. Careful inspection of a bullet that is not lightly frosted usually shows some rounded edges.

Getting decent pistol bullets ain't rocket science or I couldn't do it. Rifle bullets are a bit more difficult and I am still working on getting rifle bullets that meet my expectations. Only been working on it forty years, so I might get there yet.
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