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Unforttunatly he still faces charges of using excessive ammo. That is kind of strange. He did empty a thirty round mag and reload. He will probaly be convicted of this in the current poltical climate. I have written LT. Plantino and to my surprise he wrote back. He siad he is so grateful for the support of so many people. Despite all the death threats, he khows most Americans see past the surface of the issue. I left the Army in 1988 as my time in service ended. I was angered at how the then current managment(officers and senior NCO) had no respect for the enlisted. I beleive in my era, they created such a hostile atmosphere many of the prime soldiers were just calling it quits. I think the present leadership is doing the same thing. Thess senior people bend to the winds of poltics and do not support the troops. imagine if we were to hold our vetrans of WW2 to the same scrunity. We would have had to jail thousands as they are second guessed by some second lt. out of law school. It is a crime against every man that has ever served. America is weake because of it. God bless Lt. Plainto. Thank you for coming home alive. [/color]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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