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Marlin 1895 Cowboy 45-70

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Marlin 1895 Cowboy 45-70

Review: Kicks the snot outta me. Oh my shoulder hurts. :)

Yup I got one. Shot it 6 times. Two three shot groups. Shoulder hurt for two weeks so bad the most powerful pain stuff (over the counter) I had wouldn't fix it. But be aware I have a really bad case of bursitis in my right shoulder. Might not bother you as bad. Then too you might be smart enough not to be shooting elephant loads in yours when you try it.

Love the looks and feel of it. Even with the factory irons it did shoot well with those six shots it has had fired in it so far. Still trying to decide just what I'm gonna do with it. I ordered a Pachmayr Decellerator Pre-Fit pad and put on it. Think I'll try it again now with milder loads and the pad. Doctor gave me a cortisone shot in the shoulder joint and put me on arthritis medications and the shoulder is much better now. Of course the doctor also told me no more shooting long guns but I'm not really paying attention to that. Heck he also told me no more shooting handguns since I have arthritis in my hands and tendonitus in my wrists. I ain't paying attention to that either.

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Marlin 1895 Cowboy 45-70

GB, you cantankerous ole fart! Seems like we BOTH got blowed up shoulders. Never mind the Doctor, the pain will tell you what you can and can not do anymore :-D

Don't ya dare tell a soul, but so far this year I ain't fired so much as a round outa my 45-70 guns. Been playin with a..........308! Once in a while the -06 Wby UL.

Geez I hope this don't leak out.....

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