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Marlin 1895CB

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Picked up a used Marlin 1895CB in .45-70 this past weekend. It was at a local gun show and was an impulse trade. It's "JM" stamped, in good shape, and has a 26" octagon barrel. I hope to put new wood on it eventually. The previous owner sanded the butt stock and forearm. The butt plate is now proud of the stock, which has a coyote crudely carved into it.

Anyone else have one of these rifles? I haven't fired it yet but am looking forward to do so. I'd enjoy reading of personal experiences with these guns.


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I'd probably get a long leather buttstock cuff to cover up the coyote.
Maybe even try my hand at leathercraft and make it myself. Buckskin with some fringe might look cool on that long gun.
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