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Marlin coming out with a 41 Mag in 2003!

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Just saw where Marlin is coming out with a lever action 41 Mag this year. I love the 41 Mag. Lets see, do I trade my Winchester Trapper 44 Mag, or just add another gun to the collection?
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I have been wanting a lever action in 41 magnum for a few years. I have been considering rebarreling one of my Rossi's to 41 magnum. But the cost is about $500.00 including having it totally reblued.

I am not a big Marlin fan but I do like the looks of the 1894's with 16.25" barrels. I've been thinking about acquiring one in 44 mag. One in 45 Colt would be really nice. But when I heard that Marlin was coming out with the 41 magnum again I was excited. But that excitement went away when I saw it. It has that ugly pistol grip. I like the looks of the straight grip, whether it be Marlin or Winchester. For that matter even Browning has dropped the BLR Lighting and have gone back to the BLR 81. The Lighting has the pistol grip and the 81 has the straight grip.

I hope they bring back the 1894C/PC and chamber them all in 357 Mag, 41 mag, 44 Mag and 45 Colt. But I guess it is SALES what dictates what they will market.
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