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:D Cheers Marsh,
I'd love to be there, but by then, I'll be "a** deep" in the CA fire season! Damn, but it sounds like fun!
But, if it's like last year, I/we may be close by anyway! "Have helicopter (and bucket) - will travel" to paraphrase "Paladin".
Have a GOOD shoot - I'll pass on the rattlesnake stew - been there, done THAT!
Anyway, Apple Valley's "fire crew" wishes all of you the very best for the new YEAR!

Keep your 'turns' UP,
and your skids DRY! :-D
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BPCR shoot

Hi Marsh, That Wyoming shoot sounds great!!! I attended the Quigley shoot this past June, and if this one is just half as much fun, it should be a great time for all.

I have yet to shoot at 1000 yds and am unfamiliar with the x2 and Hostile target. Could you tell me a little about them?

I plan to be at the Quigley shoot again this year (wouldn't miss it!!) and if I can swing it would love to attend the Wyoming shoot also. Wife permitting! Thanks for the info. Omaha
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