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Well, here goes nothin'...

I was hatched in '64 in Bangor, ME when my dad was stationed at Loring AFB. Moved all over including a few years in England and Belgium as a kid. Enlisted in the USAF in '84 as a gunner on AC-130a 'Spectre' gunships :twisted: and was commissioned in '88 (Colorado State grad) as a security forces officer. Served in FL, CO, TX, SC, IL, KS, England, Germany, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Mexico...and am finally stationed in Alaska 8) . Hope to retire in about five years and teach criminal justice at a junior/community college -- taking any hints/suggestions on how to get there from here (have BA in Poli-Sci and masters in Crim Justice). :?

Got an incredibly patient wife who married me sixteen years ago and keeps me on the straight and narrow -- two great kids (boy 9 and girl 12). I enjoy traditional archery, shooting, hunting, and work...believe it or not).

Oh yeah, and always ready to go back to the Middle-East for my third tour so our kids won't have to...

Cheers, :D

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:D Howdy Matt!!

I'd gladly go with ya is it'd keep the kids out!
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