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“Mattri” – Matt Ritchie, Osceola, IA
I made a deal with Mattri to buy a piece of reloading equipment in November. Payment was mailed and last contact from him was 11/23/15. I have never received my purchase. His last log in was 12/01/15.

Chronology of PM’s/contact
11/05/15 – I sent PM that I would buy bullet puller
11/08/15 – I received PM that puller would be sold to me
11/08/15 – I sent PM requesting address to mail check
11/10/15 – I received PM with mailing address
11/12/15 – I mailed check and sent PM that payment was mailed
11/21/15 – I sent PM to check if payment had been received
11/23/15 – I received response that payment had been received (not yet cashed) and puller would be mailed in “next day or so”.
12/05/15 – I sent PM inquiring as to the status of mailing the puller
01/03/16 – I sent PM requesting return of my payment
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