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mausers for christmass

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Hi guys

been lurking for awhile but thought i'd come forward to ask

who's got the cheepist mausers right now
kinda looking for some presents for christmass

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mannyrock said: "I am not trying to rain on anybody's parade, but just to tell you to be careful. The .308 Winchester hunting rounds produce SAAMI chamber pressures of around 67,000 psi. The mauser actions were specifically designed to fire the 8mm or 7mm mausers, which generate only about 50,000 psi. Some of these mausers you are talking about are almost 100 years old. Get the picture?"

You mean to tell me that my 257 Ackley I built on the small ring '98 Mexican Mauser that I've been shooting for nearly 20 years is dangerous?!?!?
BAH!!! I don't mind telling you I've loaded that thing HOT- i.e. 100 gr. bullet @ 3300+ fps. It's **** on the brass, but the rifle/action has held up well.
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