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Got to tryout my automatic primer on my MEC. Remember this is a single stage press. Takes a bit of adjusting (but then what doesn't) and it does OK. Every so often you don't get a primer but you can hand cycle to get it.

Did have two areas of concern:
1. The new reprimer punch is hollow and the auto primer tray fits on top. I had to open up the tray housing and reduce the diameter of the punch to get them to mate. The combination was too large for a good fit.
While I was at it I radiused the inside of the punch so primers wouldn't hang up on its sharp lip. Ran the punch up against a 1/2 drill bit then some wet and dry to smooth it out. No problems now.
2. In the up-date kit you get a flanged nut. No where in the directions does it tell you what it is for. When I email MEC they said it was to replace the nut on the first station--the depriming one. Would have been nice to know that at the beginning.

Other than those two minor concerns it does seem to add to the fun of shotshell reloading.

Çheyenne R.
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