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Micro Dahlgren Build Up-Date

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I've been working on the micro Dahlgrens and here is an update and tentative schedule for delivery. This is the list I compiled from the previous Dahlgren post that I'll bring up current. I'm trying to build two Dahlgrens a week but there will be a two week interuption in early November. That should give a rough idea of when to expect delivery but it is a very tentative schedule as sometimes there are interuptions. Here's the list.

1. Tommys2 delivered
2. Catwhisperer delivered
3. Seacoast Artillery delivered
4. " " delivered
5. Rayfan 87 delivered
6. Ex'49er delivered
7. Forward Observer delivered

8. Cpt Ed [week of 1/09/12]
9. intoodeep
10. Dan from Sweden
11. Raymo55
12. TripleD
13. Shred [contact by PM]
14. Mike_60
15. Mike_60
16. private name
17. Bealz
18. Southpaw1
19. Rocklock
20. private name
21. private name
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Dom please put my order toward the rear I have just done something bad with the family $$$ ,bad for 'us' ,but sweet for 'mahh' (cartman style) ;D begging for forgivness !(sweet new rifle)

So it may be (will) after Christmas for me :-[

Mike and Tracy have been threating to show theirs for a week or so ,but .....they always forget ! ;D
Gary, No problem at all to move the order around. It's changed. Dom
I'll up date the list as I make progress. Ex'49er, I added your name in the correct spot. Two more completed today. Dom
Ok, I had time this morning to read through all the posts on the Dahlgrens and noticed I missed a few more names. I will up-date the list again. Dom
I think I have the list right this time.

We had a snow storm come though yesterday and had some trees come down. We are without power along with several thousand. I am using a borrowed computer and internet service so I may not be able respond to contacts for a few days until power is restored. Dom
Huzzah! About to be on the build list. Christmas may come early.

Thanks for the posting, Dom.

Goodie Gumdrops!! I just got an email from Dom and my Micro Dahlgren is finished and in the mail. Forward Observer you are next!
Well, it's the new year and the Christmas order crunch is just about over. I hope to resume building the micro Dahlgrens next week. I up-dated the list at the top of this page. Dom
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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