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Millitary Remington model30,Express ?

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happy new year to all. Iwas wondering if anyone could possably help me to I.D anew piece that I recived from my Dad ,whos Dad gave it to him ?Ill start with the most visual on the breech end first,Remington Model 30ExpressS.N.#15143 ,bolt action,with a Lyman peep, finely graduated for elevation and windage.The graduated elevation side has a four point buck jumping thru apeep sight.and the trigger is deeply curved(smaller radius) then most guns that I have. finally the barrell,30-06 I belive,theeasy stuff again,SPRINGFIELD 30CAL.1906 (left hand side). On the right hand side,looks to me what appers to be starting from where the barrel meets reciver,a small + ,then a elongated circle with R.E.P.inside it.then below and just tothe left what appers to be an upside down, left diagonal J. just ahead of REP, is a six pointed star. Ahead of that is a 3/4 circle with a short line hanging out of the bottom of it. and right in front of that are the letters 0Y. The barrel is appr. 24"-0" long. and finally the front sight is clamped around barrel and appears to be missing sight guard.Thanks for letting me drag on but any help would be appreciated. Thank you John Schlegel P.S Ineed to pull the hoppe,s out, I forgot one thing where do I start with a good load ? the rifle is in really good shape...
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Thanks again for your help, John
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