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Missed my first coyote.....

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I was headed back to the station in the ambulance last night running about 65 mph down Hwy 96 when what I thought was a dog ran out in front of me. I hit the brakes then realized that it was a 'yote. I hit the pedal on the right and tried to run him down but he realized his mistake and got out of the way. He actually ran along side of the ditch line a short ways giving me a good look at him in the periphery of the head lights. I have friends who live in the area who have complained about dogs and cats coming up missing. I think I now know what the culprit is. Time to go back out with the 870 instead of the Power Stroke diesel. :-D

Frog :D
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Missed first yote

Frog i have seen alot of them down around hwy 96.I hunt them over toward ceatham and spring hill area.If you need some help over that way let me know.I have some 40 and 50 grain V-Max bullets loaded here that need to be took out on a field trip.
I generally use a 22 centerfire but have, in all honesty, taken a couple with the old Ford. Took out three rows of corn to get one of them but got my aim a little more refined and the next one was taken in the bar ditch. :?
Frog 123,
Seems to me that a Ford is probably the right size! :-D

too many hunters too close

Hey guys we are all too close not to get together sometime soon. I live in Gallatin but grew up in White Bluff. Frog123, do you work in Dickson or Williamson Co? E-mail me @[email protected] Chad
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