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Mitchell's Mausers

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I picked up a Mitchell's Mauser 98K M48 today. My first OLD military shooter. Really looking forward to shooting it but I'm short one cow elk this season and don't want to eat the tag. I'd imagine that my first chore is to disassemble and clean this rifle. Any suggestions or hints for that process??? Any disassembly instructions on the net? I may have to wait for a warm day to spray parts with degreaser. Wood looks great and metal work is still in wonderful shape. Bolt is smooth and trigger isn't too bad at all. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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BT 100,

Have I got some e-sites for you.........Just what you need to clean up that M48 and all that other stuff they threw in the box! Good Luck, you've got a sweeeeeet beauty! Check out "" for S&B ammo.
Thanks guys

I started a search as soon as I posted my first message. Found all that you provided. Thanks for the help. I stayed up late and had it all disassembled by midnight. No for the elbow "grease". Bluing is perfect and the bore is a bright as a new one. I heard oven cleaner can be used on the stock. I'll try the Murphy's Oil Soap, hope the wife doesn't catch me, she'll have me doing the floors. I really appreciate the tip for the ammo. I've used S&B before in 45ACP and it's great ammo. I can wait to shoot this Yugo. Thanks again for the replies. Steve
Just about finished with it. Another coat of linseed oil and I'm done. I used 2 cans of Kleen Bore's Gunk-Out to degrease all the metal parts of cosmoline. I'm really impressed with the action, it's as smooth as silk. I also used the Murphy's Oil Soap on the stock. Worked great to degrease the little corners and tight spots. Don't think I will make it to the range until after hunting season ends. Is there any way to smooth up the safety. It's pretty stiff and won't go to fire with just the thumb. I guess I'll just work it in front of the TV one night. Many thanks for the replies guys.
:grin: Thanks BigBill. Got the bolt taken apart, cleaned and oiled. Just the advice I needed. Your the MAN!! BT

I know there are opinions on this issue, but I understood that it is best to assemble bolts clean w/o oil. I suspect this is due to cold weather causing hang-ups/slow fires. I recently purchased a qt. of G.I. surplus small arms oil that is not supposed to gum up. Hey Big Bill, this stuff better told me to get it! Hope that M48 is shootin' straight for you.
Try some bore foam in it to make sure copper is removed.
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