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I've been using Power Pistol for several months now in the 44 Spl. and jacketed bullets. Been getting very good accuracy out of this powder, but then again I'm shooting a Freedom Arms also.
A friend of mine had his chronograph today, and decided to check my loads.
I'm getting 1200fps using PP and a Hornady 180 gr. XTP. 1244, 1211, 1209, 1213 and 1222fps out of five shots.
Stepping up to the Speer GDHP's and PP I'm getting 1150+fps. 1178, 1178, 1165, 1164, and 1158fps. for five shots.
These speeds are just what I was looking for in my FA 44Spl. w/ a 5-1/2 inch barrel.
And both loads are very comfortable to shoot.
Now time to get to work on the FA 97 in 41 mag. :)

Dennis :D
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