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Blackpowder mortar and cannons is the titled topic for this board. Artillery.
Handgonnes are kind of off topic but the discussion of this thread. Ok fine by me. I'm into anything that shoots.
12L14 was being recommended as a material to be used in construction on this board. So I express my concern for its use by those of this board.
12l14 is the stuff they make the cheap screws you buy at the local hardware store out of . You know the kind where the head strips at the first use. The 12L14 machines like a dream (The lead helps here) and looks good on paper; it was recommended to me not to use this material as it COULD fracture after having been drawn (such as to octagon)and put under peek pressure's.
I am not a metallurgist but would check with one before using 12l14 for an artillery project.

safety Was my only thought. There were at least 2 accidents last year with people and there homemade cannons which did not have happy endings. They got national news coverage. Cannon shooting events do not. Everytime something goes wrong makes it one step closer to not being able to do it at all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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