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Moly coating bullets?

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I shoot lead bullets in 45 acp and 44 mag.

After a few hours at range or gun club the barrel is of course full of lead.

I want to know what is involved in moly coating lead bullets. I am currently buying lead bullets that are already sized and lubed (local guy eliminates freight). I have a tumbler.


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moly coated bullets

I believe most of the problems experienced are due to an inferior method of moly-coating. I use the method marketed by MidwayUSA and have never had a problem. After tumbling for about 45 minutes I remove the bullets and place them in an old towel and agitate to remove any excess moly powder. The moly bore treatment is useless; don't buy it. Also avoid any spray treatment. It takes about a dozen rounds before you will see the effects as the moly also coats the bore. I run a dry patch through the bore about every 50 to 100 rounds. I give the barrel a thorough cleaning about every 200 rounds.

The moly treatment shrank my groups by 100%. I also treat my jacketed auto rounds to improve feeding. I cannot tell a great deal of difference in lead bullet's accuracy but there is less leading. I have not tried the treatment on swaged bullets.
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