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More evidence of cougars in michigan

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A spike buck was found in the woods in Presque Isle covered with grass and brush. This is the same way a cougar would cover its kill it also had a crushed neck the same way a large cat would kill its prey. There is also evidence that it had been feeding on the carcass. And of coarse the michigan DNR is saying its till not enough evidence to prove we have cougars roaming michigan.

There is a picture of the deer carcass in the NOV11--NOV24 issue of michigan outdoor news paper.

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I hope I get him...

Thats where I have my line at - do you think modified Bridger #3's will do the trick or am I S.O.L. ??? :shock:

It would be cool to see that pic - did they say what part of P.I. county? I found a dead coyote earlier this week that was ripped to crap - and I mean tore up - I thought it might have been a loner that wandered into the wrong area but ya never know...
It was found in a romote area of Metz Township. There has been evidence of cougars found in that area in the past. You can read all about it in the archive at just type in cougar and it will bring it up for you.

8) You guys want cougars??? 8) I can give you cougars...our population
is 10 fold what it was 20 years ago...cant keep them out of my traps.. answer your question...your #3 bridgers...if they're modified "might" hold them if they're on drags... If you've got em hard staked....well...hope you can find all the pieces to your trap...maybe if you catch a couple you can piece enough together for one trap!! I had one this last year that I walked w/in 6' of(no I'm not brave...just stupid enough to forget where my set was) The cat lunged...thank heavens not towards me...hit the end of the chain and rip'd the jaw out of a fully modified #3(busted it...not bent)......the drag rock,apx 30lb was not frozen down....and did not budge 1"!!!! That's a LOT of force!!
lynx :shock:
Hello there LCT Im not sure we want those cats here,they might prove to be a real headache. Once they admit we have a population of wild cougar Im sure the FEDs would get involved and we would see some restrictions put on land use and an asortment of other restrictions we wouldnt want.

If I remember right they wanted to plant some lynx and the first thing they wanted to do was restrict use of public land right away. That idea didnt set very well with some of the folks in the upper-peninsula. Without a dout it would have starved some of the little bizness people out.

Its nice to see you on the GB board dont be a stranger now

I dont know much about cougars and i have two questions. One how big do they get and could they ever move to Maine. I cant think of any predatory cat in Maine so it would spice things up.
I found a deer like that in Lake Ann :shock: !! Oh yah , that was the slob hunter :x that tried to keep us from hunting the land he hunted . Kinda weird , found where he gutted a buck and ten feet away was a yearling covered with brush .
Trapperkid01 you have bobcats Maine I found this and thought I would post it for you. This came out of the maine trapping regulation.

What animals am I allowed to trap? Maine has an open trapping season for the following species of furbearing animals:
Beaver Fisher Mink Otter Skunk
Bobcat Fox Muskrat Raccoon Weasel
Coyote Marten Opossum Red Squirrel

I know about bob cat but im not sure but they arent that big. And i did a bit of research cougars it looks like they can get pretty mean and can get pretty big (for a cat). What i should of said is that we dont have any large predatory cats in maine. Thanks.
Bobcat vs Mt Lion well I guess the difference would be 100 to 150 lbs! We got lions too, but I don't think as many as LCT. I snared one last year; it popped a release furrle like it wasn't on the cable!

I wonder why people can't imagine they have a big cat or two. In this country if there are deer there are lions. I've only seen one runnin in the wild and I see very little sign. Back east I'll bet its damn near impossible to find sign other than a kill and that would be damn dumb luck.

Couple years back they turned Lobo Wolfs loose west of me a bit. Last I heard the fine was $100,000 for killing one and $10,000 for turning in the killer (I suppose). Go figure. They had a couple shot no one turned any one in.
I know this topic has been brought up alot but I hear more and more about it all the time . A hunter saw one just northwest of Honor this past season . I know about where he saw it and a few years ago my brother saw one cross the road in the same swamp . Never mention it to many cause they say your full of crap . I guess I'm the same way tho , the neighbors are saying the see wolves in their yard and I say there full of crap too , only cause I know we have ALOT of coyotes around here and am sure that is what they are seeing .
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