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Newt posed a good question below on which is the best way to skin a badger.

We know that how a pelt is "put up" will make a big difference in what the fur trade will pay. A well put up pelt will always bring more than one that is not properly fleshed and stretched.

NOW! Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some tips on how to make your fur bring even more!! To some of you, this will not be NEW but to some it will be. These tips can help you get twice or more for your furs than what the "fur market" will pay. I have used it for years and it has served me well.

For instance: if you have a coyote that will bring $20 on the fur market; you can make that coyote bring $50. A gray fox that brings $10 on the fur market can bring $25 or more.

I have decided after much thought that I will not be "buying" a lot of fur next year. I want to go back to my love for trapping and if possible, run me a nice little trapline next season and stick with that and buying the skulls and just a few furs. For me, life is to short (what of it I have left :) ) not to do what I really love. That is trapping. While I enjoy working furs, it has become a real drain on the old skull doctor. For that reason; I intend to share some of my "secrets" with those on this forum who have not tried "alternative" fur marketing.

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Ya Whoo! The old one is gonna tell me how to get $800 for my cats ...I've got me a pencil and paper; I'm ready ya ole Rascal :D Hey I'll b e happy with $100 Coyotes
YEAH RIGHT DOC: :gulp: You know you shouldn't be nipping the bottle this early in the day!!
Yep i seen it a coming!

The long hours in the fur shed at the fleshing beam has softened up ol Joe and he is letting out the secrets of the ol trappers wisdom. Listen up young trappers (that means you too NEWT). But ol Newt doesnt hear too good anymore Huh! so we might have to get his attention. :D :-D
Since I first posted this thread, I have had some members that I bought fur from this past season email and asked if I would not be buying any of their furs next year.

To the members of the forum, at this time, I will still buy like I did this past season. What I am referring to as "NOT BUYING" much fur is that I purchased so many unskinned furbearers from the general public and that is what I am trying to get away from. It will allow me more time to trap and more time to concentrate on this forum as well.

A big THANK YOU to all who shipped furs, heads, and unskinned animals to me this past season. I expect to continue with that next season as well
but will limit my fur buying to only members of this forum and only after they have been aware of the possibilities of more money if they have time to "prep" the pelts for taxidermy work.
:D Does this mean I'm going to start getting $50 apiece for my mink??? :toast:
Gosh Golly

Shucks your and oldy too ****, i was just telling a fella that i used to get $50 bucks straight thru on my buck mink and he looked at my like i was nuts. Oh well at least we know it was at one time , sniff, sniff :cry:
HEY, You bunch of Owl Hoots :-D
Now don't get plumb carried away with this thing. I didn't say you would get rich but you can sure make more with the furs if you aren't selling to taxidermists (at times).

Old ****: Now don't go crazy on me but I did get $15 on my females and $20-$25 on the males and holding out for $30 on the biggest bad boys.

I sold Oklahoma coyotes (not that great or heavy furred) at prices ranging from $30 to $55 depending on quality. A few went higher and the junkers went out at $15 each.

Grey fox at $20 to $40 with an average being around $30.

I say it was sure worth my time and trouble. It doesn't take more than 15 minutes extra to prep a coyote for taxidermy (once you get a few under your belt) and when the market here was $10 - $12 in the grease, it sure seems as though my hourly wage went way up.

WACKYQUACKER-- I AIN'T tellin what them badger brought :twisted:
I know, I know, I bent over :oops: ! My grand dad learned me to take off my elders and by gorsh you dang sure are my elder!!!!

I aint' complaining just learning 8) Sorta like the famous Oklahoma gaurantee...if it breaks you get both parts!

Gotta look at the bright side, next season with you in the field trappin there will be more for us to catch :-D :-D
Hmmm Wackys' got spring fever! Lucky hes' too Old!

Oh well cant blame Wacky just look at his name :) At any rate rub down rat and fox hides with greasy rag used to wipe down **** or mink hides . Gives a better look to skin side found over the years and talking to North American Fur Graders that is one of the pluses and if you have prime well handled pelt it is a plus and an added edge for top grading.
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